Phew….I made it. Lack of sleep and all.

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Well, I made it. Wasn’t sure how it would go down considering my serious lack of sleep. So glad I made the decision to stay up even later than it already was and iron the pants that no one saw. (Shhh. Don’t tell my parents. They wouldn’t be pleased at the hour I finally turned out the lights. Isn’t it the case that no matter what age we are, we never stop being somebody’s child and we always know what they’re thinking?)

Before I go on air, I, of course, have thought up all of these wonderfully witty and informative comments to make but when I’m actually in the middle of the whole thing….I forget them all. So, one thing I meant to say is that for an even quicker version of these fish tacos, you could make them with the beer battered cod or halibut you find in your freezer section. My sweetie tends to lean more toward the beer battered guys while I, myself, am a “grilled fish” girl. Either way, make a batch up, get yourself a couple of “cold ones” with a slice of lime, turn up the mojito music and welcome in summer!


PS: In case you’d like the link to the recipe, here it is…link.

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  1. mommamia says:

    Carrie – you're a natural on TV! Love that you are doing these segments! – From your IACP buddy

  2. Why to go Country Gal. See you later.

  3. Carrie – I had no idea that you not only have a beautiful site full of great food inspiration and imagery, but you're a celebrity too! What a great segment and the tacos look wonderful. Can't wait to try them at home.

  4. Thanks so much Gina…..hoping to learn much more at the BlogHer Food conference thanks to you!