Berries, Baguettes and La Pomme Live

I don’t know about you but I have found that one of the beauties of summer is the lack of a schedule. No early morning alarms. No dinner on the table at exactly 6:30 pm every evening. No driving around town with clenched teeth trying to get small person #1 here and small person #2 there…on time for some activity or another.

However….this lack of schedule tends to result…in my case…in a lack of anything at all getting done. Random piles start to multiply around the house. Envelopes edged in pink or yellow start showing up in the mailbox. (“Oh yeah…the bills.”) Good manners head right out the door as I fail to RSVP to anything. I practically stop reading my email. It’s as if summer hits, and my mind just goes on vacation for two months. Just last night I was playing Scrabble with my daughter who reminded me at 9:30 pm at night that I had recited earlier in the day, “I promise, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye…” that I would play Scrabble with her before the clock struck midnight. “Sighing” I saddled up to the table to play the 9-tile version and my mind went blank. There on my rack was A, E, O, U and B, R, S, L and N and the best word I could come up with was BURL which my daughter highly questioned as even being a word. (Looking at those letters right now, I’m still having a hard time coming up with anything else. Please feel free to leave any suggestions for me down below in case I’m coerced into future games of late night  Scrabble while my mind is on strike. She’ll never know…besides her mind is young and fresh. Mine is filled with cobwebs. It needs a little help.)

So, I guess where I’m going with all of this, is to share with you that somehow, in between unpacking from one summer excursion and trying to get ready for a second summer excursion, I did manage to get myself down to AM Northwest last Wednesday….on-time…for a live segment highlighting my “French Toast for Lazy Summer Days.” I have no idea how I pulled it together but I did and it didn’t turn out too bad. I even laughed….I also almost burnt the French Toast on live TV but ah well….you can’t have everything.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do have to share with you that while I was down at the KATU studios, my dear sister and all the boys (hers and mine) were curled up on the couch watching my spot unfurl live. (The teenager was still sleeping.) At the point in the segment where I comment on how much my children like “the buffet”, my 10-year old turns to my sister and says with a deadpan face, “Actually, I don’t really like the buffet. I just want someone to serve me up and bring me my plate.” I hope you will all back me up when I tell his future wife, “I tried.”

If you do not see a video screen above this line, click HERE to be taken directly to the AM Northwest site.

My next trip down to AM Northwest will be 9 am on August 18th. Deep summer by then. Who knows what kind of shape my mind will be in by then.

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  1. Courtney Cook Hopp says:

    At least he's honest. And I agree, getting anywhere on time with any sort-of plan is near impossible in the summer. Must relax. Must relax!

  2. janeannechovy says:

    Carrie, I'll share with you my secret weapon in Scrabble (particularly online, where my opponents can't see what I'm doing): the Internet Anagram Server at It won't necessarily get you the best word you can play with your letters, because it has to use all the letters with no leftovers. It will often tell you if you can make a bingo play using all your letters. It tells me that those letters can be used to spell nebular or nebulas, along with many shorter words.

  3. @Courtney Cook Hopp – We must be related or something. We seem to have the same "issues".

    @janeannechovy – Thank you so much for sharing your secret weapon. I have already bookmarked the website and I can't wait to put your advice to good use.

  4. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Carrie – I can't believe I have not been to your blog earlier, or even registered that you live in my backyard…Thank Paul Kennedy for bringing you to my attention; sorry for being an ignorant fool – everything on here is beautiful & inspiring! I will visit more often, and maybe we can get together in person sometime, too.

    P.S. "SOBER" 🙂

  5. ~amusette~* says:

    such a nice job on the tv job! I haven't had breakfast yet & it's made me hungry for some french toasted baguettes! bonne continuation!

  6. Hmm. Maybe I should think of eating breakfast. You're making me hungry.

    PS- Scrabble words: Bran, nose, lose, rose, loan, lean, sloe (as in gin)…

  7. Merci mille fois, amusette……

    Thank you for stopping by, Dana.