I Forgot to Mention…..

Cowboy Caviar Take 2

Many of you may know that I spent my morning down at the AM Northwest studios, whippin’ up Cowboy Caviar. That dip is always a hit and it didn’t fail me today. The crew at KATU was gobbling it up. What I realized after the segment was over…of course…was what I had failed to mention.

Day 227 - Oregon Star Tomatoes
Let me just say a word or two more about the tomatoes I was using this morning. “Oregon Star” (Not “Rio Star” as I said on the show.) Buy them once and you’ll never go back to any other. I stumbled upon them a week or so ago at our local Zupans store on Burnside. After cutting into one and then subsequently devouring it, I decided that those bullet shaped tomatoes are everything one could ask for in a tomato. Bright red. Juicy. Meaty. (No mealiness here.) Seedless. Sweet…but not, too. Low in acid. Perfect for when you want a tomato without the sogginess such as on a sandwich. The next time I went into Zupans I chatted with Ron and Kelly, the friendliest produce guys I know, and they shared with me that the Oregon Star tomatoes are lovingly grown by Charlie Harris on his farm, Flamingo Ridge, out in Gaston, Oregon. Apparently, people come to Zupans (as well as the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market) from all over Portland to get their hands on those delectable orbs. I don’t doubt it. I can’t wait to make some Pizza à la Julie with them. Makes my mouth water just thinkin’ about it.

Also, we have discovered a few new ways to use Cowboy Caviar besides the ones I originally mentioned. Just tonight for dinner, I spooned it over a bed of green leaf lettuce, added a handful of cherry tomatoes and “voilà”…dinner. Today for lunch, my daughter put it between two slices of sourdough bread on which she had spread goat cheese. Lunch. And, last weekend, I had made my ragù for a crowd forgetting that one of my dear friends does not eat red meat….she spooned the Cowboy Caviar over pasta and again…dinner.

Anyways, should you be interested in seeing today’s segment, I’ve attached the video below.

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Oh, and one last thing….if that darn tootin’ cute owl necklace that I was wearing today caught your eye (as opposed to my upper arms that need some serious work…gads,) you can find it on my dear friend April’s webpage, here, along with so many other darling items.


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  1. Courtney Cook Hopp says:

    Dang it! Now I have to go to the store and buy the ingredients and try it! Will you please quit posting such yummy looking food! Love it!

  2. Louisa Neumann says:

    Wow! I need to start watching AM television. This is so great, Carrie. Really enjoying it. Keep it up!! Maybe you should start doing "webisodes" on your blog?

  3. Thanks, sister…you won't be disappointed. It absolutely is delicious!!

    Louisa, you are sweet. Thank you…and "webisodes"…an interesting idea.