And the Proud New Owner…..

…of a brand new Ball Canning Discovery Kit, as determined by my 5-year old pulling out one name from all the names of you kind people who left a comment on the Zesty Salsa post by end-of-day Friday, October 15th, is…

“Drumroll, please!”


Dear Jill, please email me at carrieminns (at) me (dot) com. Your sweet comment wouldn’t let me access an email address for you. We can then take care of the details off-line.

And tomorrow (or maybe the next, depends on how things go…) it’s back to business with one of my favorite weeknight soup recipes and a little story about our humanity.

Thanks for playing and Happy Canning to All!! I’m gettin’ crazy now and just purchased 30 Honeycrisp apples to can this applesauce. Possibly to hand out at Christmas. We’ll see how it goes. I was inspired by all of your canning stories. Cheers!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Carrie!
    May I have a spoonful of the Honey Crisp applesauce? I always thought they would be too sweet to make into sauce. Shows what I know! I bought 1/2 a dozen on Friday and they're all gone thanks to the fruit monsters at my house!
    ~ Kirsten.

  2. Kirsten, Come on over. I'll share some with you. I don't find it too sweet with the Honeycrisp but you could always cut back on the amount of sugar. That is if you were able to hide some apples from your little monsters! Carrie