What’s In Season? Strawberries by the Flat


Yes, yes, I realize that I brought your attention to the fact that strawberries were appearing at our local farmers market a week or so ago but let’s be real….it’s not possible to go to the farmers market every weekend…especially when I have no less than 5 lacrosse games staring me in the face. (And I don’t even get the rules.)

So, when the hubs recently found flats of locally grown Oregon strawberries at his favorite grocery store, I rejoiced. And then the sweet man brought home not one…but two flats…so we’ve been eating strawberries. Lots of strawberries. Bowls and bowls of strawberries but hey, they’re in season, they are oh so good and we love the hubs for bringing them home.

And even though we’re still wearing down jackets and wool gloves here, each cheerful berry is a little hint that summer is not far off. We hope…

What would you do with bowls and bowls of strawberries?

Here’s what I’ve done with them in the past here on La Pomme.

And musings about those bright red berries

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  1. i love strawberry season! we make salads, breads, sauces for pancakes and waffles and french toast, coffee cake, muffins, jam. plus freeze them for later.

  2. Oooo….strawberry coffee cake. I have a hankering for something baked and sweet right now. That sounds good!

  3. Planeta says:

    Last year, while visiting my in-laws in Poland, I had strawberry juice for the first time. So good.

  4. Strawberry juice…I bet that was delicious. I wonder why we don't have that here? Lots of strawberry/banana….

  5. wenderly says:

    Oh how I adore strawberries! Can't wait to graze on them endlessly!

  6. @ wenderly Strawberry grazing is delightful for sure, my sweet friend!