Scrumptious Strawberry Bites

Scrumptious Strawberry Bites

I had two days. Just two days to unpack from a week spent at the Oregon Coast with my sis, my parents, a gaggle of kids and our husbands who were arriving and departing at various times during the week. A true week at the Oregon Coast complete with sun, sand, wind, down jackets and a merry band of little pirates.

Merry Band of PiratesMerry Band of Little Pirates hunting for treasure with the Pre-Teen leading them astray, ahem, I mean, leading the way!

In the above mentioned two days, I also needed to re-pack to head south – 9 hours south, in a car, trapped with a little pirate, a tweener and a teenager…help me Rhonda. South for my annual pilgrimage to spend almost a week with one of my dearest, dearest friends, Polly, on a river in Northern California. Just Moms, kids, sun and…well, the occasional glass of wine.

There I was in my closet yesterday morning unpacking and preparing to repack when I started gazing around. Gazing at the overcrowded nightmare that had become my closet. The closet I had not truly sorted through in…well…a long, long, long time.

So, I got up and made a pot of coffee.

This might not seem like earth-shattering news to most people but I don’t make coffee at home. I don’t like to clean out the coffee pot. I make tea and if I want a cup of coffee, I head next door to my neighbor Kami’s house with an empty mug and a sad look. When the Rooster saw the coffee pot coming down from the top shelf of the pantry, he inquired, “Coffee?”

“Yep, I’ve got a lot to do and I need some serious caffeine.”

And with that I proceeded to sort through every nook and cranny of my closet and my dresser. When I hesitated on putting something in the donation pile, I would say to myself, “For crying out loud, quit hoarding. Let someone else have a turn with that.”

I know I’ve talked about this sickness of mine before…how right before I leave on a trip I suddenly find I have time to take on projects that have floundered on my To Do list for years. Well, I want to announce that I recently discovered that there is a name for this sickness: Parkinson’s Law.

Basically, any item on your To Do list will increase in importance in relation to the time given for its completion.

Whereas before my “Clean out the closet” item had sat there on my list for years with no deadline while I pondered different containers and hangers and other organizational purchases. But yesterday, I gave myself one afternoon to get the whole thing done and decided that an old boot box and some red grosgrain ribbon tied on the poles were perfect organizational solutions.

Newly Organized Closet

Can I tell what a breath of fresh air it is to walk into my closet now….literally?

As I made trip after trip down to the car to load up my donations and could feel hunger coming on, I passed through the kitchen and gave myself the same deadline…”You’ve got five minutes to come up with something to eat.” Since we had just arrived home from being gone, there wasn’t much to be found but five minutes later I sat down with a plate of the most delicious little “cracker sandwiches.” Flatbread crackers slathered with creamy goat cheese, sliced ruby red sweet Hood strawberries and drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar Glaze. Oh my…..little bites of scrumptiousness. The old “sweet and tangy” combo. After going back for thirds, I told myself, “Chop, chop missy, you’ve still got work to do.”

Now, the “Day After,” I’m still glowing from the aura that is my newly streamlined closet and I’m finding it hard not to start on another closet. Actually I almost feel frantic about it…”Get me another closet now!” But no, I must refrain because today I get to pack again, grocery shop, pull out the tent that didn’t get put away properly last year and make sure it’s good to go, blow up air mattresses to check for leaks, load bikes and water paraphenelia, coax the teen and pre-teen into packing, and take a car full of kids bowling because I can’t seem to locate the “off-duty” switch on my taxi cab.

From my vantage point now, here in my pajamas, it seems questionable as to whether it will all get done. We hit the road at the crack of dawn. Parkinson’s Law it is. Wish me luck, my friends!

Scrumptious Strawberry Bites - Take 2

Scrumptious Strawberry Bites
Course: appetizer, snack
Prep time:
Total time:
Sometimes I'm my most creative when given limited time and limited resources. A friend of mine had generously given me a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar Glaze and I hadn't yet found the occasion to use it. Well, these little goat cheese and strawberry bites were the perfect introduction. So easy to whip together and would look lovely on a platter with some berries in tact complete with their little green hats.
  • flatbread crackers
  • your favorite creamy goat cheese, softened
  • peak-of-the-season strawberries, sliced
  • Balsamic Vinegar Glaze or good, thick Balsamic Vinegar
  1. Take a couple flatbread crackers and put them on a plate.
  2. Slather them with goat cheese.
  3. Arrange your sliced berries on top in a pleasing pattern.
  4. Drizzle with the vinegar.
  5. Eat.
  6. Enjoy.



  1. What a lovely post. Love your band of pirates.
    This recipe is so simple, I can’t believe I never thought of it. But I didn’t, so I’ll give you all the credit when I get to enjoy it. Bookmarking this to try soon.

    • Thank u so much, Rivki. I myself can’t believe how something so simple can be so yummy. Sometimes I surprise myself. 🙂

  2. These sound perfect. I love simple snacks like this, especially when they have such beautiful colors and flavors.

  3. Those are the prettiest, brightest strawberries I’ve ever seen! Love this delicious, simple snack 🙂

  4. Brandi and Lori, I’ve noticed that I keep posting recipes calling for strawberries but I just can’t get enough of their beautiful red color.