Won’t You Join Me in My Hiding Place?

My hiding place

Sometimes the whole process of writing a story, taking the photographs, editing the photographs, testing a recipe, writing a recipe, putting the whole thing together on the computer and then, hitting the publish button…can be, well, overwhelming.

Today I wanted to keep it simple.

A bank of fluffy gray clouds sit above my head here on this mid-summer morning.

It’s not particularly warm and yet, it’s not cold.

Perfect for sitting on the deck,

with a cup of tea and a book,


until someone needs me,

and comes a lookin’.

Won’t you join me in my hiding place?


  1. yes please… i just need a deck. 🙂 enjoy… you deserve it. thank you for all you share with us.

    xx’s and oo’s

  2. Yes, please, can I?

  3. You have no idea how appealing this sounds to me right now. My AC went out yesterday, it’s in the 90s in Denver, and I have 10 kids showing up in 2 hours for a Mexican Fiesta cooking class. I’d rather curl up with a book on a not hot but not cold deck!

    • Ten kids for a cooking class! You are one brave woman – a/c or not. I will cross my fingers though that some of our cooler temps head your way today.