Why I Love 6-Year-Olds Who Love a Rustic Pear Galette


Why do I love 6-year-olds? Well, for one, they still skip. They hum. They hold your hand when they cross the street.

They look like this on the first day of school.


When they spy you on the hill, waiting for them after school, they run to you as if you are the most important person on earth.


When they get to you they look like this…scabby lips and all.


While walking home they tell you things like, “So and so said he has a billion, trillion lego sets. I think he’s lying.”

Or they ask you a string of questions like, “How is the sun made? Is it like a match? Is it two space rocks rubbing together? What does heaven look like? Have people seen it? Is Bruce up there? What eats a bobcat? Can anyone be more than 100? What about 1000? Hey, Mom, what’s a thousand minus thirty-one?”

Their whole world has been opened because they are now reading and they take it very seriously. Almost as seriously as reciting the names of every Clone Commander in Star Wars.


When they find a joke that gets a reaction such as, “How do you divide 10 apples between 11 people?” they tell it over and over and over again. Beating it into the ground. (Answer? Anyone?)


When they are tired of walking home in the rain, they simply squat down. And they will not budge until they are good and ready.


They still sit down and have afternoon snack with you whether it’s pretzels and a handful of raisins or a slice of Rustic Pear Galette – a new recipe their Mom was trying out which turned out to be a winner.


They have toothless, fang-like grins.


They will still curl up in your lap for a hug and let you sniff their sweet heads…not for long…but they’ll do it.


They leave you love notes.


They are always calling out your name in the house because “I just want to know where you are.”

They still believe in Santa but are starting to question, “Why can’t Santa bring me both the Republic Ship and the Death Star?”


In the early evening while their Mom is playing the piano to try to relax and breathe, they will quietly assemble a custom Lego creation just for her complete with pulled-back hair, a little lamp and a cup of tea.


And quite honestly and maybe most importantly, 6-year-olds help take the edge off the fact that their older sister has one foot out the door.


And you remember when she used to do all of these 6-year-old things too but it goes so fast. You hardly see her anymore. And some days you feel like you’ve been reduced to her personal chauffeur but then she’ll surprise you. She’ll come up behind you, all 5 foot 8 inches of her, drape her arms around your shoulders and say, “Hi Mom….”

And you’ll reach up to touch her arms and say, “Hi babe…” and you’ll be thinking, “Oh good, she’s still here.”


Any thoughts, my friends, on how to make this “getting ready to fly the coop” process easier on us emotional Moms? Gads…I’m so weepy. Must be…you know, girls (boys, cover your ears)…I’ll be fine in a couple of days. Until next month. As always, thank you for spending a bit of your precious time with me here on La Pomme.



A Rustic Pear Galette
Course: Dessert
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: One fragrant pear galette
My, oh, my, if you try out one new pastry-type dessert this fall let it be this Pear Galette. The fam loved it so much I couldn't get a photo of it baked because it disappeared in minutes.The hubs even left me a little sticky note next to it that said, "Wow!" What more can I say?
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¾ cup unsalted butter, chilled and cut into cubes
  • 3-4 tablespoons ice water
  • 4 firm-ripe Bartlett pears
  • ¼ cup dark brown sugar, firmly packed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • Pinch of salt
Egg wash- 1 egg white lightly beaten with 1 tablespoon water
Turbinado/coarse sugar
  1. Start by making your dough. No, no, don't go buy store-bought. You can do this. So easy. Put your flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl or the bowl of a food processor. Whisk or pulse a couple times to combine.
  2. Using your fingers or a pastry cutter, quickly work the butter into your flour until it begins to look like cornmeal with a few peas-sized butter pieces sprinkled throughout. If using a food processor, pulse for about 10 seconds to get the same effect.
  3. Pour your water in one tablespoon at a time, working it into your dough just until the dough holds together. If using a food processor, slowly pour your water through the feed tube with the machine running just until the dough holds together, but not for more than 30 seconds.
  4. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and gently knead it until it all comes together in a ball.
  5. Slightly flatten the ball into a disk. Wrap in parchment paper, put in an airtight bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  6. While the dough is chilling, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  7. Then, take care of those luscious pears. Peel them, core them and cut them into thick slices. In a large bowl, using a rubber spatula, gently combine your pears with the brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.
  8. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  9. Take your dough out of the refrigerator and roll it out on a lightly floured surface until it's about a 14-inch circle.
  10. Carefully lift it and set it on parchment paper on your cookie sheet.
  11. Arrange your pears over the dough, leaving about a 2 inch border. You can toss out any juices that accumulated in the bowl.
  12. Gently fold the dough over the edge of the pear filling. There is no right way to do this that is why it is rustic.
  13. If you want your dough to have a finished look to it, brush the edge of the dough with the egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.
  14. Carefully slide the whole concoction onto a rack in the middle of your oven. Bake until the crust is a beautiful golden brown, the pear are soft and your whole house smells like fall, about 50 minutes.
  15. If you can wait, let it cool a bit. Then, slice it into wedges and let your friends and family eat it like a piece of pizza...only better. Enjoy.



A Shout-Out

You may, or may not have noticed that I have a new little photograph of me on the front page of this here blog and on my About page. You should know, first-off, that I am not easy to photograph. I over-smile. I feel like a dork and then, I over-smile more. I have no business trying to “pose.” Which makes me laugh, loudly and all a photographer can manage to capture is mouth and teeth. And yet, I think these photographs turned out quite lovely. Stunning even. Those of you still around after I kick the can…please choose one of these for my obituary. (Kids, you can cross that off your list.)

The incredibly talented, Heaven McArthur, of Green Chair Studios is the photographer who somehow worked her magic to capture these shots. I cannot recommend her enough. The way she finds the light…..a gift.

She is obviously available for head shots but she can also work her magic on senior portraits, family portraits, or your kiddos; however, just as much as people (and maybe more) she loves to photograph furry family members. Even if you don’t have a pet, you must check out her site, The Daily Sniff, for her latest pet photography adventures. And go to her Green Chair Studio blog to see people and pets.


  1. Yes! Bring me that six year old! Seriously, I have every single love note ever written by my kids. It helps to re-read them periodically. I just read some last night as I was putting away Christmas cards – from last Christmas!! Love the new photos of you, friend!

    • Ah, the love notes….probably the beat part. Well, that along with the snuggling.

      Bummer I couldn’t make the blogger meet-up yesterday. Next month…

  2. Oh, looks lovely, and I have pears at the ready. I have a chick flying the nest next year as well, you can see some of the tales of our college visits as splendid market. I’m not sure how to deal with it, and my daughter is not far behind. I continue to promote MAMA U….but I don’t think he is going to apply.

  3. MAMA U….good idea! Although I wonder if they would commit to a 10pm curfew at that age? I do need my sleep after all. 🙂

  4. Dana from CT says:

    Sweet, sweet post. Describes my two 6 year olds to a T! Right down to the love notes and LEGOS 🙂

    Planted daffodils with your SIL here in CT this morning. She told me to check your post and the website for the photographer. My 6 year old twins are buds with her little Katie. Your post just made me miss them so badly and can’t wait to get them off the bus 🙂

    • That sister-in-law of mine…so good out planting daffodils. Tell her when she’s done there she can fly out and do my yard next. I’m heading down to volunteer in my 6-year-old’s classroom. Can’t wait! He gets so excited to have me there. So so sweet those 6-year-olds!!

  5. You’re killing me. Maybe I should try to create a “bottle up you kiddos now” device.

    • Definitely “bottle up” the best parts or at least save the love notes. They don’t do those things forever. Such a bummer….

  6. oh i love this… my nephews filled my cup with wee boy love as they grew.. and i am so grateful to have had that time… i can’t even imagine being a mama and having your oldest getting ready to unfurl. but thinking a hug might help. *hug* : )

  7. SO well said, Carrie! And as I sat in the kitchen early this morning reading your post, my sleepy little 6 yr old came down in her cozy jammies and snuggled right up in my lap and studied each and every photo of her cousins. We are beyond lucky to have them. And we will have beyond heavy hearts watching them move on and out. Time for you to get that goldie puppy is now.

    • Oh man….the cozy jammies. I forgot those! They kill me I love them so much. Give your sweet little 6-year-old an extra hug from Aunt Carrie. We miss you all so much!! PS: Not sure if we can get the goldie puppy past the Rooster.

  8. Your little man is adorable. So sweet. I love that age! Makin’ me a bit weepy too.

    • Wish I could just bottle bits of him up so when he’s a teenager and thinks of me as his personal chauffeur, I can take his 6-year-old self out and hug him!

  9. Carrie, what a wonderful post! So, how DO you divide 10 apples between 11 people???

    • Well, Karen, most days the 6-year-old will say that the answer to that question is…..make applesauce but now that he tells it so often he’s starting to include answers like make apple juice, make apple pie, and so on. He practically skips through the house just calling out that joke still so pleased with himself how it trips people up the first time they hear it because of course, most of us are thinking….”ok if I divide 10 of the apples in half and then….hmmm, wait, if I divide 10 apples into thirds….hmmm….” or at least, that is what I was thinking. 🙂

  10. Love how you captured six year olds. Today was picture day at school and I can’t wait to my six year old’s gapped toothed picture. I must say my 9-year old is giving her sister a run for the money in the sweetness department, however.

  11. oh thank you sweet and lovely one! i read all the six year old love and didn’t even see the shout out. you are a delight to photograph and yeuuup! bring on the furries.. 🙂 thanks friend.

  12. I still get running/jumping hugs goodbye from both girls (13 & 10) every morning before they load into the car for school. The oldest one is starting to realize that its not going to last much longer without serious injury to poor old Dad!!

    • Ahhh…Brant, I love that!! I’d go ahead and take the injuries just to keep the hugs coming.