The Boss Lady Wants to Know…

A few weeks ago, my 6-year-old reportedly said to his father, “Um, Dad, why is Mom the boss? I thought you were supposed to be the boss?”
The Rooster ruffled his feathers and replied, “Well, I’m the boss too. We’re both the boss.”
“Then why is Mom always bossing everyone around. She bosses me around. She bosses you around. She bosses everyone around.”

On Sunday, my 6-year-old sheepishly walked up our driveway after a play date and cautiously approached me as I was raking the lawn. After a minute or two of standing ramrod straight in the driveway (he can be a bit odd sometimes) he said to me, “Um, Mom? Christian’s Dad said we could have an S.O. this weekend.”
(He loves to talk in acronyms: V=video games, R=his cousin, B=his stuffed dog, Barkie, S.O. apparently = sleepover)
“A sleepover?”
“Well, hmmm, let me talk to Dad about it.”
Immediately after my reply, he ran off in a fit of frustration hollering, “Why do you have to talk to Dad about it? You’re the boss!”

I think I’ve shared with you how growing up my dear, younger siblings would often say to me, “You think you’re the boss!”
And I would reply to them, “Because I am.”

One of the Rooster’s nicknames for me is, “The Boss Lady.”

He also thinks he’s pretty funny when he calls me “Raylene.” A feminine twist on the name Ray. Ray, which happens to be the name of my father. My father, the Naval Officer, who can be a bit bossy as well.

So, you know what? I’m going with it. I am the boss….damnit!! And I want to know, with the craziness of the holidays completely descended upon our shoulders, have you done your meal plan for the week???? If you haven’t, then get on it people!! Who says it has to be scheduled Monday to Sunday? Why not Wednesday to Tuesday? Just get it done. Scrawl it down on the sheet of paper nearest to you.

It’s not too late. It will help take the edge off. Here’s mine from last week…..simply as food for thought. (Pun intended.)

Ham and White Bean Soup, sliced apples, bread

Pasta e Fagioli soup, salad

Pan seared pork cutlets with sautéed apples and onions, couscous, Brussels sprouts

Peas and Pancetta pasta, pears

Grilled pastrami sandwiches, leftover soup


Bean and cheese quesadillas, leftovers


Do share, what are you cookin’ up this week?


PS: Social Media/Screen Time Agreement
So, looks like I’m not the only one struggling with where to set the boundaries when it comes to social media and so forth since my comment about it in my last post encouraged a flurry of emails requesting a copy of said agreement. As long as you remember that I am the “Boss Lady” raised by a military father and a mother whose organization skills are Nobel Prize worthy which may, ahem, become quite apparent when reading through the agreement…I would be happy to send you a copy if you are interested. Email me at: carrieminns(at)me(dot)com and put “social media” in the subject line.


PPS: NW Kids
NW Kids kindly included my writing, a photograph and a recipe in their December issue. Here’s the link if you are curious….
Out of Motherly Madness…the Benevolence Jar is Born


PPPS: The Boss Lady is going to have to come slap you silly if you actually think I so lovingly write out my meal plan each week like I do in the picture above. No. Never. I just wanted to make it look “pretty” for you, friends. It’s usually scrawled on some scrap of paper or the back of my grocery list, decipherable only by me.




  1. You are too funny. “Raylene.” That’s excellent. And you’ve inspired me to get started on my menu planning!

  2. Very interesting that you should write about being the “boss lady” this week. As I’ve written a post about the “Curse of the Eldest”. Mmmm . . . must be in the air. Check it out. PS – She was bossy growing up.

    • You crack me up. Like how I told you, you are hosting Christmas?? I can’t help myself….I’m cursed.

  3. Christy Wall says:

    Hi Carrie – you asked to share what I’m cooking this week…looking forward to making Weekday Cassoulet tonight (recipe courtesy Melissa d’Arabian – Food Network. I’ll let you know when I see you how it turned out.

    • Cannot wait to hear how it turns out. I love Cassoulet but rarely make it because of how long it takes. Curious to see a quicker version…

  4. Not “bossy” my dear daughter, “In Charge.” That is until your dear mother walks into the room. ;-D