Something Lovely to Look At….


Love, whose month is ever May, Spied a blossom passing fair, Playing in the wanton air. – Shakespeare


My lovely Cecile Brunner…the ole gal finally made it up the trellis.


Currently, I may or may not be involved in a project that brings to mind the St. Pauli Girl. I wish I could tell you more; however, I am not at liberty to say….yet.

So, since my lips are sealed, I give you this week something lovely to look at. A few glimpses from my springtime yard that make my heart do cartwheels whenever I look at them.


I adore the lavender blossoms on my pungent chives.


After 10 years, I finally have my boxwood border. I leap with glee whenever I look at it.
So do the deer. Let the battle begin.


And my lilac bush that sweetens the spring air.



  1. Carrie I love these photos!
    I like the fact that each image
    is a beautiful mix of the colors
    pink, lavender and green!

  2. beautiful blooms and greens… May is wonderous! I had the most incredible crop of white lilacs this year, please stop by the market to enjoy.