Just Do What??

As part of my goal to say YES this year, I have developed a fleet of YES phrases. At the top of the list is, yes, I will MOVE every single day.

Notice that I didn’t say EXERCISE every single day. No, the word exercise doesn’t work for me. Exercise implies color coordinated athletic wear and time schedules and classes and driving time and hair drying time…way too much pressure to get it right.

And adopting the old adage, JUST DO IT, doesn’t work for me either. It’s not specific enough. Just do what? Curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee and read a book.

Our family had the opportunity to spend the summer in the Loire Valley of France a few years ago. Some of the most heart-warming images I took away from my summer there were people “exercising” without the pomp and circumstance. An older gentleman in a 3-piece milk chocolate brown suit biking along the winding roads of a nearby town. Some young boys showing up at the single tennis court of our village wearing loafers and old khakis. A woman jogging around and around the Jardin du Palais Royal in flats and denim pants. For me, the lack of pretense made the whole thing simpler. More attainable.

Right now in my life, I need simpler.

Now that I’ve taken off the pressure to “exercise” and instead focus on simply moving, I’m actually moving more than before.

And moving may mean dragging our garbage cans up and down my driveway which was built for a mountain goat, or going downtown more often for outings where walking is more conducive than at strip malls, or adding in some extra distance when I walk to pick up my little guy from school, or simply putting down the book and the cup of coffee and taking care of some household projects that I’ve been putting off.

I do have to confess that I have been using a little device to track my daily movement, which helps in the motivation department.

I started out the New Year with the Nike FuelBand. (Thank you, my main man!) And while it was motivating, especially the way the LCD screen went from red to yellow to green as you got closer to your goal, I didn’t care for the way I always had to wear it on my wrist. I mean, some days, it just didn’t go with the outfit.

So, I switched to the Fitbit One, which you can tuck in a pocket or clip to your bra. The only negative there is that it’s easy to lose…as well as its small charging cable, which, ahem, I have already lost and am in the process of reordering. I also wasn’t sure I liked the implied 10,000 steps a day goal. 10,000 steps a day?? But now that I’ve figured out what it takes to reach that amount, it’s not as daunting. I rarely make that goal but I get close which is good enough.

And if I were still sitting on that couch or in the chair in front of my computer instead of outside moving, I would miss the small signs that spring is quietly approaching.

What do you do to keep yourself “moving”? What works for you? Do tell.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing.

Much love,


  1. I LOVE my FitBit!! Have you used the sleep tracker yet? Fascinating! xoxo

    • Yes, yes, Cindy, I’ve been using the sleep tracker since I’m such a terrible sleeper. Trying to see if there are any patterns. None have emerged yet but maybe soon.

  2. I have the fuel band… But I’m getting ready to hand my fuelband to one of the boys although that means I probably have to buy a 2nd one, right? (One for each…) According to my oldest, “everyone had one (but him) on his lacrosse team…” For sleep info, I use the “sleep cycle” app on my iphone. Interesting stuff although like you, I haven’t noticed any patterns yet. The one thing it has done, however, is point out that I really wasn’t sleeping enough. So now I’m trying to get in bed a little earlier each night and am now averaging 7 1/2 hours of sleep vs. the 6 I was getting initially. 🙂

    • Julie, so true each boy will want one. Does that mean I have to get my 13yo one? 😉 And I too had the same enlightenment as you…definitely wasn’t getting enough sleep. Trying to be more disciplined about it now. There is so much I want to accomplish in the day and hard to do that when all I want to do is take a nap.

  3. Joanne Galant says:

    The only thing you need to do is weightlifting it’s more important than any thing else you will do. It will make you lean it will make you strong it will make you think clearly. And it doesn’t need to be fancy.

    • Oooo, Joanne, I like lean, strong, think clearly…and not fancy. I actually have been reading more and more about this being the case. I think I’ll add it into my move repertoire. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Julie Pitcher says:

    Love my Fitbit! It also makes me take the stairs. 🙂

    • I agree, Julie. I love the stair tracker. I went for a walk recently in the ‘hood and it registered that as 40 flights of stairs. What does that say about where we live? For Billy Goats, that’s what.

  5. Cindy Reeder says:

    Carrie…you’re onto something that we women need to realize…that we don’t need the gym or need to ‘workout’ at home to get and or stay in shape. It’s the everyday movements that we do in and outside that count towards fitness and health…I think of it as ‘moving’ in place and liken it to yoga in some respects…every move we make (of every day) can be done with purpose and strength and THAT counts more than we know, if we’d just realize it! Thanks for the great Post!

  6. Elise Coury says:

    I was thinking how well your hair moves. Beauty.