The Wonders of a Little Jar of Coconut Oil

A cup of green tea with a spoonful of coconut oil

On Tuesday of last week, I was hunkered down in the usual afternoon routine and failed to take my 7-year-old to his after-school excursion to the Audubon Society with some of his best buddies.

On Wednesday, a door in the life of my children closed. I upset someone who is affected by that door closing because I was hurried in how I communicated this “closing.” And, although it’s the right thing to do, I carried around a heavy conscience for a day or two…or three.

On Thursday, I was entrenched with work. I thought of little else, except not being late to pick up my daughter early from school and whisk her to the airport where she would head to Salt Lake City with her lacrosse team. I was so proud of myself; I was actually on time to pick her up. As my daughter walked toward the car, the panic-inducing realization hit me…I had left her luggage back at home.

Thursday evening, my son called me from the lacrosse field at 7:25 pm asking, “Where are you?” “I’m on my way, why?” “Mom, practice was over at 7pm.”

By Friday morning, I declared, “Do over!”

My life is busy. Your life is busy. And I can’t speak for you, but mine is a good busy. My life is full. My children are active. My hubs is upbeat.

However, I needed to have a talk with myself.

“Slow down. Take a breath. Pause. Recalibrate. Take things off the plate. Maintain the balance.”

A cup of green tea with a spoonful of coconut oil, Take 2

To support my efforts to slow down, I find myself turning more and more often to an unassuming little jar of coconut oil.

I feel indulgent when I drench my dry skin with the fragrant oil after a shower. Coconut oil melts at body temperature. So, scoop a little of the solid “oil” in your palm, rub your hands together and smooth the glistening moisturizer all over your body. Rub it generously over your feet and massage your arches with your thumbs. Who needs a spa?

In the late afternoons, I make myself a cup of Kiwi Pear Green tea and stir in a spoonful of coconut oil. The warm tea is calming and the coconut oil adds just a touch of sweetness to help curb any sugar cravings I may be feeling.

And when I breathe in the fragrance (in for 7, hold for 4, out for 8,) the coconut aroma transports me to a warm, tropical beach where I’m laying in a hammock…dozing.

The wonders a scoop of coconut oil will do.

Of all the mishaps from last week, I felt the worst about causing my daughter to be late to the airport. About the time she was boarding her plane and I was back home, I received a text message from her:

“It’s okay, I know you’re doing your best!!! Thank you. Love you.”

The wonders a thoughtful message will do.

Do any of you have special ways you like to slow down? Do tell. We’d all love to know and be inspired.

Thank you, my friends, for reading and sharing,


I recommend the Nutiva brand of coconut oil, which Costco is now carrying, as well as the Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

The Kiwi Pear Green Tea is from The Republic of Tea. If you are unable to find it in your local grocery store, I found that The Republic of Tea website offers the best pricing.



  1. Katy Marcy says:

    I agree Carrie, coconut oil is amazing. We also put it in our smoothies, it is so good for you and adds just a hint of coconut to our smoothies.

  2. Wow. What a week!

    Books! Books and a warm cup of something are my way to slow down and escape! But I think I need to add the coconut oil onto that list.

    • Wait a minute, sister….do you mean actual books or your teeny tiny microscopic iPhone screen? And yes, go and get thee a jar of coconut oil!

  3. Oh … I’m so glad I’m not alone in my daily (sometimes hourly) blunders. I wonder how I ever get any where clothed sometimes.

    And thank you for the coconut oil tip for the tea! I’ve had a jar that I’ve used here and there, but mostly stare at it every time I open the pantry. But right this minute I’m going to brew a cup and add a spoonful. I’ll meet you under the palm tree in a few, sweet friend. 😉

  4. The text message got me….tears in my eyes now. I love it when they appreciate all that we do whether we do it right the first time or not. Thanks for the sweet post.

    • Ah, thanks, Melinda. I had tears in my eyes when I originally read that text message. Sometimes they just get it.

  5. Betty Cook says:

    Although I slather coconut oil all over my body and use it in cooking, I hadn’t thought of putting it in my tea. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us. XO

  6. Love love love this article. And love coconut oil…my TJ’s jar is almost empty. I have been using it mostly in cooking curries or replacing some of the butter in my baking (my banana muffins have taken on new life).

    I don’t cry about much in life, but tear up during Hallmark commercials, Little House on the Prarie reruns, and that text message from H. Been thinking about your question regarding how we like to slow down…and I just realize that I never do. Thanks for the reminder. A trip to TJ or Costco is in my near future.

    • Oh, Tina, I teared up at that text message from H as well. I must talk to you about your banana muffins. They sound delicious!

  7. I use a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of coconut oil and baking soda, mix it up in your palm and use as a facial scrub. Lovely! Rinse off with warm water, the soda scrubs and the oil moisturizes and smells wonderful to boot.

    • Debi, Thank you so much for your tip on the face scrub. I tried it today. Loved it!!! Will definitely be doing it again. Thank you for sharing!

  8. darnell s. collier says:

    I will try the Tea withe the coconut oil.


  1. […] I began by creating a body butter of sorts with only three ingredients we usually have on hand: coconut oil, honey, and citrus. A simple mixing of the three created a fresh, smooth cream that I’ve been using the shave my legs with for the past week or so, as well as a moisturizer for really dry areas, especially my dry, cracked cuticles. I’ve even used it as a lip balm throughout the day. And the best thing is if I’m in the mood for a snack I can safely eat it too. OR add a spoonful to some hot tea (Carrie from La Pomme de Portland recently share that handy tip). […]