But, What Do You Mean, “La Pomme is Graduating?”

Roses on the wall

I’ve had multiple friends ask me, “What does it mean, exactly, “La Pomme is graduating?”

The answer, well…

I think of my La Pomme years as a self-taught college degree with mentoring by Professor Internet. During this schooling, of which I am currently a fifth-year senior, I improved and gained confidence in my skills as a writer and a photographer. I learned what it means to turn an online presence into a business. I tried various internships and discovered what feels right to me and what doesn’t, even if everyone else is doing it.

And then, there’s that institutional word back in the middle of the previous paragraph:

I feel like after four and a half almost five years, I’ve earned the right to call this a business.

But, I also get all weird and gooey about using the words – business, money, earnings, profit – like most women do. Somehow it doesn’t feel very charitable. Very nurturing. Those are words for “takers.”.

And, we women, we love to give, give, give. We are givers.

Doesn’t matter if we are financially broke, emotionally spent, and weary to the bone…we are “givers.”

Leave it to a brilliant young woman to shed a little wisdom on that misguided mindset.

You probably recall me talking about Marie Forleo. I find her incredibly inspiring and motivating. Her style of mojo speaks to me.

She constantly reminds her mostly female audience that every single one of us has a right to earn a living. To earn a salary so we can put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

But as women we are so block headed when it comes to earning money.

Sure I’ll design your new five-star restaurant interior without pay but for “exposure.”

Sure, I’ll give-away my songs for free – the ones I spent a decade of my life writing and perfecting – just to get more subscribers.

Sure, I will edit your 300-page manuscript for free of charge because I really love to read.

Sure I’ll photograph your wedding for free because you are my cousin’s husband’s uncle’s step-niece reconnected after all this time via Facebook.

Sure, I’ll continue to make 75% of what my male counterparts earn because I’m helping the company save money.

Because earning money feels so much like “taking” to us “givers,” Marie reminds us that in our society money is simply a symbol of value. Money is the main method we use to show how much we value an item, a service, a song, a painting, a job well-done.

And here’s the thing, every single one of us has something of value to offer the world. And the world shows its appreciation for our contribution through currency. Through this exchange of value.

Dangling Cherry Blossoms

The past four and a half years have given me the confidence to say, “What I’m putting out into the world has value to other people. I am hanging up my shingle. I’m getting serious. I am turning on the neon sign that says, ‘Open for business.’”

As I transition out of my “schooling” phase and into my “Open for Business” phase, you will be the first to know of any fine tuning I do to my website, or to my business, or of any new products or services I will be offering. I have a line up of creations that I will be rolling out over the next year.

What can you expect in the near future?

I will continue to post weekly. These posts are my way of “giving.” You can expect my individual posts to embrace some part of the following sentiment:

Nourish your body. Nourish your mind and your soul. Blossom.

As for the rest of my work, the first item to shine under the neon sign is a tangible book you can hold in your hands. The book will be a collection of the most memorable posts and recipes since the beginning of La Pomme back in 2009.

La Pomme de Portland
A Collection of Stories and Recipes through the Seasons of Food, Family and Life

The book will be a poignant symbol of the years that brought me to where I am now and a celebration of all of you generous people who have been there with me. My greatest hope would be that you would hold one in your hands and feel the beautiful paper, thumb through the lovely photographs, nourish yourself or your family with a recipe or two and take away a laugh or a feeling of solidarity from the stories. And in doing so, know that you have been a part of creating this artwork.

My goal is to have this book available no later than September when La Pomme turns five and the transition to CarrieMinns.com takes place. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate all that I’ve learned from the past as well as what treasures the future may have in store.

If you have a favorite post or recipe on La Pomme that you think should be included in the book, please let me know in the comments.

As always, thank you for carving out time to be here. I hope that what I have laid down on this page adds a bit of nourishment and beauty to your life.

With love,




  1. Joanne Galant says:

    You say it sister!! I won’t feel bad about getting paid for my hardwork anymore. Just like you I impart information, experience and knowledge. And I expect to be paid for sharing. Can’t wait to see more of your excellent work. Thanks Carrie

  2. I continue to read and look forward to every post you make. I can’t wait until I can buy your book. Success!
    Simone Severo

  3. So…..you’re going to start charging $1 to read each installment?? : )

  4. I’ll buy that recipe book!

  5. Meg DesCamp says:

    Carrie–I know a terrific editor/copy editor who would love to work with you when your manuscript is at that stage. Reasonable rates! http://www.megdescamp.com

    • You must be reading my mind…was planning to reach out to aforementioned editor/copy editor soon. 🙂

      • Meg DesCamp says:

        I’d be honored. I’m pulling yet another batch of your granola out of the oven right now! This is the fourth repeat of that recipe in about a month.

  6. I couldn’t agree more–women undervalue themselves. I’m so excited for the new incarnation of this site!