Did Everybody Make It?

Going old school with film

As you read this, know that I am curled up in my favorite chair with the worn, red floral upholstery from the 90s, drinking a glass of Oregon pinot, and reading an actual paper and ink book that only requires the turning of a page to get the next update and I shall be in this same spot for the next couple of days as I recover. “Kids, you’re on your own!”

“Recover from what?” you might ask

Technology. I’m recovering from technology.

Each time I set out to add a new feature to this here website or to some aspect of my photography business, I have to learn a new piece of technology. In order to do this, I have to enroll in the University of YouTube as a student since each tiny step requires that I watch and re-watch at least ten videos to make sure I’ve got it down before I make that change and move on to the next one.

I realize that 99% of the time you all have no idea what it is I’m not doing behind the scenes nor do you particularly care. I mean you have your own lives to think about. However, let me just say that the process of moving all of my dear, dear email subscribers off of my old subscription service and onto the new subscription service has tuckered me out.

I feel like we were all together on a floating dock under twinkly lights, drinking champagne, dining on tartines with a variety of caramelized toppings, dancing, and engaging in general merriment in a setting à la The Notebook (C’mon, you know you’ve watched that movie.) But after awhile (over 5 years to be exact) the lights started to dim and the dock started rotting and there was the risk that we would all plunge into the water. Sticking with the Nicholas Sparks theme, you can imagine that just as the old dock started to take on water, a new dock magically appeared out of the low lying fog and floated down the river toward us. With one leg on the old dock and my other leg on the new dock, I helped each and every one of you email subscribers make the jump from old to new. This was no small task as there are hundreds and hundreds of you. But I believe everyone made it over and we’re all still together. Yes?

Now, here we are on our new floating dock lounging on the couches, drinking cups of freshly brewed coffee or sipping on mimosas, eating avocado toast, poached eggs, and fresh fruit and feeling the warmth of the morning sun on our faces. (I changed it to a morning theme because I’m in charge of the metaphor and I wanted to sit down.) Phew.

apple blossoms

In all seriousness, those of you who subscribe to my posts by email should be viewing this post in a new and improved format. I did test and retest this many times, but since we’re dealing with ever changing technology on myriad platforms, please leave me a comment, or send me a message via my contact page if anything looks haywire to you. I’d really appreciate it.

The next course I will be taking at the University of YouTube will be one to learn how to send out the gift I promised to all of my current and future email subscribers (because I am truly grateful that you allow me to have a slice of your inbox) in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to download it for your use. Crossing my fingers that I’m able to send that out to you next week but with the way these things go, it could take two weeks.

In the meantime, my next blog post will update you on just what in the sam hill is going on with my book as well as give you a few teeny, tiny sneak peeks at what the look and feel of it will be. (The photos included in this post were from the day I shot the cover.)

A huge thank you to all of my subscribers for hanging in there with me. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

And whether you are a subscriber or not, if you are here, reading this post, thank you for spending some of your precious time in my corner of the web.

Much love and gratitude,

PS: If you are not a subscriber and would like to be one, please enter your first name and email address in the Email Goodies subscription box on the upper right-hand side of my website and click the Sign Up button. Once you do that, you will receive an email asking you to confirm that you do want to subscribe to this website. Open up that message, confirm that you do, and you are set. Thank you!


  1. Made it! Thanks Carrie- I know how excruciating technology learning is… The details!! Enjoy your respite in your favorite chair. You have earned it!

  2. I like the “new dock”. So glad that neither of us fell in the water. That glass of Pinot sounds so good and is calling my name soon. You sure earned yours. Cheers!

  3. Carrie,

    I love when you fill up my inbox with your posts. I devour and relish every word.
    I want to know who ever thought that technology made life easier? It only complicates mine!

    Anne Hasson

  4. Laurie Walker says:

    Looks absolutely perfect to me! Pour another glass of wine and enjoy your recovery 😉

  5. Kathleen Lee says:

    As always, a complete JOY to get your posts! So happy to be on the new dock with you;). Cannot wait to hear how your book is coming along as well as get my hands on several copies! Your photos are so lovely & your writing makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your beauty! xo

  6. I made it!! Thank you for all that you do for us, I love reading your posts and seeing your photos. Please keep us posted when your book is available and how we can get it. Have a wonderful Saturday!!