4 Things I’m Doing Right Now to Feel Lighter in 2016

Tropical Blast Smoothie

For most of my life, I have made it a priority to take care of myself physically. To mostly eat nourishing food. (Notice I said, “mostly.”) To exercise enough to keep my body strong and energized. No rock hard abs but enough to wear the same pair of jeans year after year.

But then about three years ago, life became so heavy—partially from watching my beautiful mother decline physically and partially from becoming a full-fledged mother of high school teenagers. Need I say more?

I’ve also heard it said that when you write a book or start-up a business, you will gain “baby weight” much like pregnancy. Since I’ve been trying to do both at the same time for the past few years, it’s like I’ve been pregnant with twins. Right?

However, about four months ago, in a state of sluggishness, I recognized that I had stopped doing those things I had always done to take care of myself. I had stopped exercising. I had stopped paying attention to what I was eating. Instead, I was surviving on multiple cups of coffee a day filled with half-and-half and an afternoon nap that I couldn’t get through the day without.

My brain felt heavy, my body was heavier than it had ever been, and honestly, I was bummed out about it.

About mid-way through December, I said, “Enough.”

Keeping with the theme of My Chosen Word for 2016—one of my top goals for 2016 is to feel LIGHTER physically.

At the beginning of January, I started the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge by Simple Green Smoothies. In the past, I always made smoothies for my family but at some point during the past few years, I stopped. Now with the challenge, I make a smoothie most days. We’ve all loved being introduced to new recipes and flavor combinations. Even if I do nothing else physically nourishing that day except drink a smoothie, I feel such lightness from it.

My 10-year-old has swim lessons twice a week. For the past few years, I got into the habit of using kid activity time to hide away with my computer, answering emails, and who know what else. Now, I spend that time fitting in a quick workout (even just 20 minutes) while listening to Marie Forleo TV—my fave!!—or my newly found podcast, The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. If you see me huffing and puffing at the gym, know that I’m working hard to feel lighter.

I also have a mutual agreement with my sister that anytime we exercise or do something nourishing for our bodies, we text the other person about it. The agreement is less about holding each other accountable and more about inspiring each other.

A typical conversation might go like this:

Hey sis, while saying the mother of all curse words over and over, I reluctantly put on my jacket, leashed up the dog, and went for a walk.

Good job. I had high hopes for exercise today, but couldn’t get motivated. I did have a smoothie for one meal and a chef salad for another. Then, I had two glasses of wine.

Somehow this kind of banter is motivational to us.

I tried giving up the half-and-half in my coffee and using skim milk instead, but then one morning, I found myself searching through the fridge for anything more full-bodied than skim milk and ended up dumping heavy whipping cream leftover from the holidays into my coffee. I reminded myself after that, “baby steps”, so now I’m measuring out my half-and-half before putting it into my coffee.

I’m not sharing anything earth shattering here. Just a few things I’m doing in my quest to feel lighter. I’ll continue to share these small changes throughout the year and perhaps something I say will inspire you to make changes in your life to keep your body nourished and strong. Although, if you’ve recently made small (or big) changes, please share them in the comments of this post. Myself and everyone else in this corner of the web would love to be inspired by you!

As always, thank you for being here.


If my story today resonated with you and you think a friend might benefit from it as well, please forward it along or post it on social media. I believe that one small way we can lift the weight of the world is by sharing our stories so we all feel less alone in our journeys. Thank you, kindly.


Tropical Blast Smoothie
Course: breakfast, snack
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2 large or 4 medium glasses
As I mentioned in my post, I took on the Simple Green Smoothies 30-Day Challenge for January. They host this challenge multiple times a year so check out their website if you’re interested. The recipe below is what our family settled on after almost 30 days of smoothies. I love that this particular conglomeration is not dependent on juice, dairy, or bananas. All three boys (well, technically one’s a man) love when I hand them a glass of this in the morning for breakfast.
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 smallish orange, peeled
  • 3 medjool dates, pitted
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup frozen mango chunks
  1. Blend your water and spinach together until it’s smooth and Popeye green.
  2. Next, add in your orange and dates and blend on high until smooth.
  3. Finally, blend in your pineapple and mango.
  4. Pour into 2 large glasses or 4 standard size glasses, pop in a straw, and enjoy.
  5. You will immediately feel your body becoming lighter! Really.



  1. What do you do for protein for breakfast when you are having your smoothie?

    • Great question, Neysa. I always have a bowl of hard boiled eggs in my fridge that my family can have for a quick protein burst in the morning or for afternoon snack. And perhaps I should have mentioned this in the post, but I often put protein powder in my smoothies especially if I’m making it for my teenager as an on-the-go breakfast.

      • Yes, I do the same thing. I have young teenagers. Sometimes I worry about the added chemicals in powdered protein. I have a friend who makes her own almond milk because of the additives in commercial almond milk. However, she has a special machine to press the almonds which I don’t have.

        • I worry about those same chemicals which is why I usually push the hard boiled eggs unless we’re in a rush. My teenager is allergic to almonds so I tend to use an egg white based protein powder. And kudos to your friend for making her own almond milk!

  2. xoxo