About Carrie Minns

Carrie Minns, La Pomme de Portland

Carrie Minns is a writer and photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon with her three kids, her hubby, Dave, and her golden retriever, Benson. Carrie is about as Northwest born and bred as you can get. She spent her early childhood on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound and most of her adult life in Portland, Oregon. Her family roots date back six generations in Portland to include Alice Benson Allen, an early trailblazer for the women’s movement, Simon Benson, a lumber baron who left bits and pieces of his legacy all over the city of Portland, George Himes, a historian and journalist from back before Oregon was a state, and everyday folks like her living on coffee, surviving wet winters, and trying to raise their kids as best they can.

Carrie cannot recall a time in her life when she wasn’t creating—writing, photographing, cooking, drawing, playing piano—and in late 2009, she started an unassuming food and photography blog, La Pomme de Portland, (soon to be known simply as Carrie Minns) featuring stories from her life. This blog led to her being featured as a regular guest on AM Northwest, Portland, Oregon’s morning show, for five years where she prepared seasonal food on live TV. She also spent three years writing, photographing, and developing recipes for the Home Grown Chef column in 1859 Oregon’s Magazine. A growing food and portrait photography business, Carrie Minns Photography, developed from the blog as well as her first book due out Fall 2015.

Carrie lives with the profound belief that once you strip away the labels and the societal distinctions, we all want the same things from life—to be nourished, to know love, and to feel that our lives matter in some small way. She hopes that when you read her stories, view her photographs, and make her recipes you come away feeling just that way about yourself.

Don’t hesitate to get ahold of Carrie by leaving a comment beneath a blog post or by emailing her at carrieminns@me.com. Thank you for stopping by!

For information regarding Carrie’s Senior and Family portrait sessions, please email her at carrieminns@me.com. You can see samples of her work through her Instagram feed.