Do You Know the Hidden Beauty of the Cherry?

A Sultry Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese and Arugula

I love the way the Internet tumbles us from one place to another. From idea to idea. Yes, that often adds up to a huge waste of time, but every once in awhile, it can lead us to something extraordinary. Something that inspires how we live our lives. Last winter, I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte’s […]

If You Could Only Choose One, What Would It Be?

Coffee Shop

Every January, my friend, Julie, and I meet at our favorite coffee shop. Outside, it’s usually dark and rainy. The string of lights across the awning welcomes us in. The furniture – mismatched wooden chairs, worn velvet couches, uneven table legs – makes us feel like we’re entering a home as opposed to a place […]

Wait, What? Goal Setting on Summer Vacation?

My Summer Office/Oasis

My Summer Office/Oasis When the mornings of making school lunches and playing bus stop roulette have ceased. Which stop will we make today before the school bus has left the neighborhood? When the backpacks have been unloaded and put away, I start counting down the days until we head to the Oregon Coast where I […]

Bored to Death


I had a post lined up for last week. And this week. Posts I thought you’d enjoy. About spending long summer afternoons considering your life’s desires. Prepping yourself for the new beginning that September brings. And then, a child shot and killed another child in a high school locker room thirty minutes from my house. […]

Why I’ve Moved to the Back of the Line

A rose so lovely

Every year, our school carnival rolls around a few weeks before school is out. And every year, I dread it. Now, if I were still a kiddo, I would count it among the highlights of my year. What is not to love? Besides a gazillion other small people running around having fun, you have cotton […]

Quinoa Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil for Betty’s Birthday

Quinoa Salad with Basil and Cherry Tomatoes

My mom found solitude and a sense of calm through weeding and deadheading. She was always saying, “I’m headed outside to work in the yard.” And there she would go with her gardening gloves, a pair of shears and an old plastic grocery bag….the opaque kind with handles from Safeway or Fred Meyer…into which she […]

But, What Do You Mean, “La Pomme is Graduating?”

Roses on the wall

I’ve had multiple friends ask me, “What does it mean, exactly, “La Pomme is graduating?” The answer, well… I think of my La Pomme years as a self-taught college degree with mentoring by Professor Internet. During this schooling, of which I am currently a fifth-year senior, I improved and gained confidence in my skills as […]

A Mid-Spring Photo Journey through My Corner of the World

Wild animal found in the woods

As you all know by now, I am a word person. Whether I’m reading words, writing words, or speaking words, I have an entire Webster’s Dictionary swirling around in my brain at any given time. But, there are times when I need to quiet my brain. To put all those words back in their alphabetical […]

Need a Little Motivation? You Can Borrow My Granny if You’d Like

Cherry Blossoms in Sunlight

Staying motivated when working from home can be quite challenging. There are only about 5 million distractions at any given moment. I won’t bore you by listing them all here but we all know what they are – dishes, tea, coffee, more coffee, lunchtime, snack time, more tea, happy hour, wine, dinnertime, water, dishes, more […]

A Homemade Granola Gone to the Birds

Bird Seed Granola

Yes, a huge reason I was absent last year was because I needed to focus on my mom. I wanted to focus on her. Be with her. However, I also had a kiddo who needed my attention. A kiddo who had been chronically “unwell” since he was born. The letter from his school halfway through […]

La Pomme is Graduating

Camellia blossoms

Last fall, La Pomme de Portland quietly turned 4 years old while I was cherishing final bits of time with my mom. I’ve spent as much time coddling and growing La Pomme de Portland as I did earning my college degree. And yet, I have learned much more about what makes me tick and fills […]

Those Knuckleheads Really Were Paying Attention


There is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are a lot of ways to be a good one. Steve Martin, Cheaper By the Dozen   I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t say to my kids, “Look, I’ve never done this before. I’m doin’ the best that I can.” […]

No Words

Me and Mom

Yes, there are actual words to account for my absence here in this space over the past six months or so. And words to account for why over the past year, I haven’t been posting in any regular fashion. Strings of words even. Sentences such as… The whole thing started almost three years ago when […]

Reflecting on the Summer of Chimichurri

Tri-Tip Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

I have tangible files of travel ideas. I have virtual files of travel ideas. Ideas for weekend excursions, best hikes, best camping, bike tours, Napa Valley wine tours, Yamhill County wine tours, Five Perfect Days in Paris, 72 Hours in Carmel, New York City with Kids, and on and on and on. When summer hits, […]

Chocolate-Drizzled Oatmeal Shortbread Cookies

Srpouted Kitchen

When I started this here website almost 4 years ago, my main motivation was to put my writing out into the universe and find out if there was anyone out there who enjoyed reading what I had to say. I chose food as a topic because I love the way food brings us all together. […]

Why You Should Start Your Day with a Simple Glass of Lemon Water

Lemon Water

For my first big dinner party as a young 20-something, I made Cornish Game Hens stuffed with wild rice. I also served fettuccini with a lemon cream sauce, a tossed green salad, steamed asparagus, and homemade brownies with vanilla ice cream topped with sliced strawberries. Now, at face value, this seems like a reasonable menu; […]

Sometimes Mothers are So Misunderstood

As an elementary school girl, I had a fetish for the paper fortune teller game. Remember the one that was folded like origami and involved numbers, favorite colors, and ended with predictions on which boy you would marry? Or, what you would be when you grew up? Or, horrors, how you would die? I can […]

When the World Feels Uncertain

Fennel and Watercress Salad with Citrus Dressing

Sometimes when the world around me feels frightening and uncertain, I want to gather up my chickens and my hubby and pile us all on a great big cozy bed. And I want to eat ice cream and watch movies and snuggle with my children – without them knowing that we’re snuggling.  And when the […]

Green Smoothies for Spring Cleaning

I’m in the thick of “spring cleaning.” My “cleaning” is different than the one you may be envisioning. No, I’m not beating my rugs with a broom, or dusting my refrigerator coils. What I’m doing is giving the insides of this ole body some TLC now that the hibernating months are over. Each spring, I […]

Springtime in Portland

SPRING When daisies pied and violets blue, And lady-smocks all silver-white And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue, Do paint the meadows with delight -William Shakespeare I love the way these daffodils look like they are dancing…perhaps a waltz in time to the wind?? Or, gently swaying with someone they love?? I spent the second half of […]

The Wonders of a Little Jar of Coconut Oil

A cup of green tea with a spoonful of coconut oil

On Tuesday of last week, I was hunkered down in the usual afternoon routine and failed to take my 7-year-old to his after-school excursion to the Audubon Society with some of his best buddies. On Wednesday, a door in the life of my children closed. I upset someone who is affected by that door closing […]

Spicy Pulled Pork Tacos to Kick-off a New Eating Mindset

Spicy Pulled Pork Tacos

As if it were yesterday, I can recall the first clue that something wasn’t quite copacetic with my middle guy. At his first Birthday, he cried when we gave him his first piece of Birthday cake. Not the cry that says I don’t want frosting on my face, but one that says I don’t want […]

A Late Winter’s Screensaver for You

Don’t ask what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  -Howard Thurman A new screensaver/desktop photo for you, my friends. Thought it might lend a bit of calm and clarity to start the week. Use the […]

Just Do What??

As part of my goal to say YES this year, I have developed a fleet of YES phrases. At the top of the list is, yes, I will MOVE every single day. Notice that I didn’t say EXERCISE every single day. No, the word exercise doesn’t work for me. Exercise implies color coordinated athletic wear […]

A New Year, A New Word…Never Mind that it’s Mid-February

  Photographing Truffle Country Yes, I’ve been quiet for awhile. How to explain it? Every year around October 15th, I feel as though someone tosses me in the washer on the spin cycle and leaves me there, spinning faster and faster, until about January 5th. Abruptly, the washer stops, the door opens, and I’m tossed […]