So, Here’s the Situation…

Guarding the Food for the Shoot

Everything takes longer than I originally anticipate. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m learning new techniques and new technology, which is all good, but since I disappeared there for a bit, I wanted to wave a little flag to say, “I’m still here!!” For decades, maybe even centuries, there was one particular way […]

Big News to Share


My friends, big, big things are going on behind the scenes here. I am elated about all of the new developments happening as I transition from La Pomme de Portland to…da, da-da, daaa…Carrie I can’t wait to share it all with you. Since I know that change can be tricky, I promise that I […]

The Value of Guarded Time

Dijon Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breasts

Years ago back in my event planning days, a group of us put on an annual fundraiser benefiting various organizations here in town. Our biggest challenge was not wrangling the many details that went into planning this event. No, our biggest challenge was finding a time to meet to do the planning. We would toss […]

I’m Dreaming of an Auto-Pilot Button for Parenting

Can we have an honest little chat? A little one-on-one? Play a little game of “Truth Is”? If you don’t know about the game “Truth Is,” I’m happy to enlighten you since “Yahoo!!” I have a teenager and this a little game they like to play on Facebook whereby the writer posts an honest and […]

Food for Thought: The Difference Between Men and Women

After 40 plus years of observation, I have come to my own non-scientific conclusion about the difference between men and women. Men are born with their egos fully intact and they spend their lives making sure it doesn’t get nicked, tarnished, bruised or crushed. Women on the other hand are born without an ego….in essence, […]