Why Tacos on Tuesday are a Necessity (Even if it’s Not Tuesday)


The minute my head snuggles down into my pillow each night, I am out. Practically unconscious. There are times when my hubs is watching SportsCenter on the TV, my kids and the dog are hanging out on my bed, and there I lay sound asleep with my eye shades on and my earplugs in. Most […]

Hearty Breakfast Cupcakes

Hearty Breakfast Cupcakes

Here’s the thing about feeding families….it’s filled with good intentions and constant marketing. We all intend to feed our families healthy food. We all intend to cook more at home. We don’t intend to feed them take-out pizza three nights in a row, but sometimes that happens. We’re busy. They’re busy. No one has much […]

The Boss Lady Wants to Know…

A few weeks ago, my 6-year-old reportedly said to his father, “Um, Dad, why is Mom the boss? I thought you were supposed to be the boss?” The Rooster ruffled his feathers and replied, “Well, I’m the boss too. We’re both the boss.” “Then why is Mom always bossing everyone around. She bosses me around. […]