My Secret Place: Do You Have One Too?

Carrie Minns Photography

Hello my lovely friend, Around five years ago, a new family moved to our neighborhood during the winter. Our winter that year was mild. Only a couple days of snow and below average rain fall as opposed to the usual three straight months of rain. When we were first introduced, I remember her telling me […]

A Visual Explanation for My Disappearance


Remember this summer when I was laying out all of my goals and desires to you through regular weekly posts? When I announced my goal of publishing my book? When I confessed my desire to be laser focused on that goal? And then I disappeared? Well, I forgot to mention that there is a clause […]

Lessons on Laser Focus from Thai Chicken and Rice

Thai Chicken with Coconut Rice

I remember typing up my first professional resume at the wise old age of 22. Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story with his Red Rider BB gun essay, I knew that my business catch phrases and the listing of my shiny new college degree would wow any prospective employer. And nothing made my heart sing […]

Don’t Interrupt the Sweater Change and Other Thoughts that Define “My Own Voice”

The Wicked Smart Beauty

We learned to never interrupt the sweater change. It didn’t matter if you were six-months-old or 65-years-old; you were expected to sit quietly through the entire two-hour, one-woman rendition of Mary Poppins as performed by my four-year-old daughter. My aspiring thespian not only sang the songs, but she fully embodied the magical nanny right down […]

What Can You Do to Feel Lighter?

Peaches, Basil and Baby Greens

Sometimes because of my father’s military orders, and other times, just for kicks, my parents moved us at least every three years. The benefit of this peculiar habit was that we had no clutter, no closets full of unused “stuff’, and no junk piles since we sorted and purged every 1-3 years The first 10 […]

Do You Know the Hidden Beauty of the Cherry?

A Sultry Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese and Arugula

I love the way the Internet tumbles us from one place to another. From idea to idea. Yes, that often adds up to a huge waste of time, but every once in awhile, it can lead us to something extraordinary. Something that inspires how we live our lives. Last winter, I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte’s […]

If You Could Only Choose One, What Would It Be?

Coffee Shop

Every January, my friend, Julie, and I meet at our favorite coffee shop. Outside, it’s usually dark and rainy. The string of lights across the awning welcomes us in. The furniture – mismatched wooden chairs, worn velvet couches, uneven table legs – makes us feel like we’re entering a home as opposed to a place […]

Wait, What? Goal Setting on Summer Vacation?

My Summer Office/Oasis

My Summer Office/Oasis When the mornings of making school lunches and playing bus stop roulette have ceased. Which stop will we make today before the school bus has left the neighborhood? When the backpacks have been unloaded and put away, I start counting down the days until we head to the Oregon Coast where I […]

Need a Little Motivation? You Can Borrow My Granny if You’d Like

Cherry Blossoms in Sunlight

Staying motivated when working from home can be quite challenging. There are only about 5 million distractions at any given moment. I won’t bore you by listing them all here but we all know what they are – dishes, tea, coffee, more coffee, lunchtime, snack time, more tea, happy hour, wine, dinnertime, water, dishes, more […]