The Answer to a Question I Want You to Know

golden retriever coworder

Hello beautiful friend, I had a different post lined up for today, but then I ran into a longtime friend a few days ago and something she asked made me realize that I needed to share the answer with not only her, but you as well. She asked me if I was still doing my […]

The Value of Guarded Time

Dijon Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breasts

Years ago back in my event planning days, a group of us put on an annual fundraiser benefiting various organizations here in town. Our biggest challenge was not wrangling the many details that went into planning this event. No, our biggest challenge was finding a time to meet to do the planning. We would toss […]

A Visual Explanation for My Disappearance


Remember this summer when I was laying out all of my goals and desires to you through regular weekly posts? When I announced my goal of publishing my book? When I confessed my desire to be laser focused on that goal? And then I disappeared? Well, I forgot to mention that there is a clause […]

My 2014 Goal Drawn from My Childhood Loves

Chester Blackberry Picking

As my high school graduation date neared, the more I was asked by adults, “What are you going to study in college? What are you going to major in? What do you want to be?” I had no idea, but replied with statements such as, “I’m majoring in Telecommunications and Film. I plan to study […]

Don’t Interrupt the Sweater Change and Other Thoughts that Define “My Own Voice”

The Wicked Smart Beauty

We learned to never interrupt the sweater change. It didn’t matter if you were six-months-old or 65-years-old; you were expected to sit quietly through the entire two-hour, one-woman rendition of Mary Poppins as performed by my four-year-old daughter. My aspiring thespian not only sang the songs, but she fully embodied the magical nanny right down […]

Bored to Death


I had a post lined up for last week. And this week. Posts I thought you’d enjoy. About spending long summer afternoons considering your life’s desires. Prepping yourself for the new beginning that September brings. And then, a child shot and killed another child in a high school locker room thirty minutes from my house. […]

Why I’ve Moved to the Back of the Line

A rose so lovely

Every year, our school carnival rolls around a few weeks before school is out. And every year, I dread it. Now, if I were still a kiddo, I would count it among the highlights of my year. What is not to love? Besides a gazillion other small people running around having fun, you have cotton […]

A Mid-Spring Photo Journey through My Corner of the World

Wild animal found in the woods

As you all know by now, I am a word person. Whether I’m reading words, writing words, or speaking words, I have an entire Webster’s Dictionary swirling around in my brain at any given time. But, there are times when I need to quiet my brain. To put all those words back in their alphabetical […]