Forever Remembered with Snickerdoodle Cookies

Prom 2015

Hello my friend, I remember we stood in line waiting to check our bags but I can’t remember where we were going. I balanced Will on my hip while he sucked away on his binky. Hanna danced around with her doll baby and Jack lay on the ground saying, “I’m sooo tired.” I’m sure I […]

My New Year’s Wish for You…and No, it Doesn’t Involve Happiness or Rainbows

NYC x1

I seem to derive a certain amount of pleasure from doing things the hard way. “Glutton for punishment,” my hubs likes to say. We went east to celebrate the holidays with my hubby’s family: Christmas in Connecticut and the days leading up to the New Year in New York City. I lugged my Canon camera […]

Don’t Interrupt the Sweater Change and Other Thoughts that Define “My Own Voice”

The Wicked Smart Beauty

We learned to never interrupt the sweater change. It didn’t matter if you were six-months-old or 65-years-old; you were expected to sit quietly through the entire two-hour, one-woman rendition of Mary Poppins as performed by my four-year-old daughter. My aspiring thespian not only sang the songs, but she fully embodied the magical nanny right down […]

Bored to Death


I had a post lined up for last week. And this week. Posts I thought you’d enjoy. About spending long summer afternoons considering your life’s desires. Prepping yourself for the new beginning that September brings. And then, a child shot and killed another child in a high school locker room thirty minutes from my house. […]

Why I’ve Moved to the Back of the Line

A rose so lovely

Every year, our school carnival rolls around a few weeks before school is out. And every year, I dread it. Now, if I were still a kiddo, I would count it among the highlights of my year. What is not to love? Besides a gazillion other small people running around having fun, you have cotton […]

Those Knuckleheads Really Were Paying Attention


There is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are a lot of ways to be a good one. Steve Martin, Cheaper By the Dozen   I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t say to my kids, “Look, I’ve never done this before. I’m doin’ the best that I can.” […]

Sometimes Mothers are So Misunderstood

As an elementary school girl, I had a fetish for the paper fortune teller game. Remember the one that was folded like origami and involved numbers, favorite colors, and ended with predictions on which boy you would marry? Or, what you would be when you grew up? Or, horrors, how you would die? I can […]

I Was Caught. My “Simplify the Holidays” Secret is Out.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I’m standing in the check out line of one of my favorite grocery stores thinking, “I sure hope no one sees me here.” I’m about halfway finished unloading my cart and mid-way through a turn from the cart back to the conveyor belt, when I catch the eye of this darling […]

What We Pass Along

I remember Mr. Burke’s small, perfectly formed, all-caps script he used to write the date and reminders above each song. I remember that he was rather tall without much hair and that he lived with his mother. And I remember, that in the din of the small lamp in our living room, he taught me […]

A Little Diddy to Say Thanks….

My guy after his Lacrosse game. He was so wiped he didn’t even make it past the couch before he was asleep. Shhh….those of you who know him, don’t tell him I put this pic up.   I feel full of gratitude. Many of you emailed me or called me or sent “get well soon” […]

Seeking Sunlight

Sun streaming through cherry blossoms

    My twelve-year-old, inherited it all – the allergies, the sensitive stomach, the asthma. And somehow, it just doesn’t seem fair. He’s my athlete. My sporty-guy. The one who will stand out in the rain shooting baskets for hours while the rest of us stay dry inside. The one who will use the twenty […]

Comforting Yourself with Turkey and Bacon Meatballs

You had been told that this would happen. This ever-increasing independence. The wings starting to flap. You’d read about it in books. You’d been told, many, many times by all the people who came before you but still, for you, you weren’t quite ready. No, you’re still back in preschool when she’d cry and call […]

A New Year. A New Word.

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face…we must do that which we think we cannot. -Eleanor Roosevelt   I always like fresh starts. New beginnings. The start of a new year. A brand new calendar without a single commitment written down […]

The Boss Lady Wants to Know…

A few weeks ago, my 6-year-old reportedly said to his father, “Um, Dad, why is Mom the boss? I thought you were supposed to be the boss?” The Rooster ruffled his feathers and replied, “Well, I’m the boss too. We’re both the boss.” “Then why is Mom always bossing everyone around. She bosses me around. […]