A Pear in a Harry and David Tree….Just for You

A Pear in a Harry and David Tree

I think it was his description of the frost air settling at the bottom of the pear orchard that was the final hook for me. How, when this happens, they steal silently from their homes in the pre-dawn hours to coddle the trees. They start up the modern day windmills to diffuse the cold air […]

A Few Thoughts on Food Followed by Chicken Sausages with Tomatoes and Shallots

Sausages with tomatoes and shallots

I suppose the acronym FLOSS can be used to describe my thoughts on food. I suppose I could also be labeled as energetic and sleep-deprived, frazzled and bossy, presbyopic and middle-aged, but why…why must we label everything? I can’t think of a greater need as a human being than to eat. Okay, well, maybe drink. […]

What’s In Season? Strawberries by the Flat

Yes, yes, I realize that I brought your attention to the fact that strawberries were appearing at our local farmers market a week or so ago but let’s be real….it’s not possible to go to the farmers market every weekend…especially when I have no less than 5 lacrosse games staring me in the face. (And […]

What’s In Season?

Only a quick trip to the Farmers Market was to be had this weekend…in-between dropping kids off at Lacrosse games and then, returning to watch said Lacrosse games.I made the rounds, enjoyed the sights, the sounds, the smells.I saw pints of snow peas with their feathery little blossoms still lying about.I saw people headed to […]

This Week at the Farmers Market….

Oh, the Fleur-de-Lis….such a regal flower. It is said to signify perfection, light, and life.Leeks…those slender stalks from the Allium family…the perfect “happy medium” between an onion and a clove of garlic.Beets of all shapes, sizes and colors. I had a quick conversation with the owner of one of my favorite Portland Farmers Market stalls, DeNoble […]

What’s In Season?

ASPARAGUSI have been waiting for what seems an eternity for these little green shoots. Covered them lightly with olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and pepper, put in the oven at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Can’t get enough.GREEN GARLICAll I keep hearing about is green garlic this and green garlic that. Thought I’d try […]

Tis the Season for Herbs

“There’s a few things I’ve learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can.” – William ShakespeareEver since I started having herbs in my garden it has made all the difference in my cooking. Being able […]

Tis the Season

The cherry trees in Portland right now are stunning. I’ve been cutting branches from the trees in my yard (and my neighbor’s…with her consent, of course,) putting them in vases and scattering them around the house. They are so lovely, they definitely help make up for our cold, gray weather.I realize that my posts have […]