My Summer Office

Summer Office

I realize this seems a bit…hmm, strange…but when I was a child I liked to weed. Actually, I relished it. The same was true for deadheading my grandmother’s azalea bushes. Sure, the 25 cents an hour she paid me to do it was nice, but that wasn’t my sole motivation. I treasured the rhythmic motion […]

Blueberry Smoothies and the Lego Saga

Blueberry smoothie

I don’t do well with chaos. Not shopping malls. Not county fairs. Not kids pounding up and down stairs. Not legos strewn throughout my house. I’m definitely a “go outside and play!” type of Mom. I know I shared with you back in March that I was triumphant. After months of organizing and purging, I […]

Blueberry Crumble Muffins, Need I Say More?

Blueberry Crumble Muffins

The Rooster stands in the shadows of the garage, waving and smiling, but giving us a look that says, “Here you guys go, leaving me again.” The kids and I wave, blow kisses and holler out the rolled-down windows, “Bye Sweetie! Bye Dad!! See you in a week! We love you!” And with that, we […]

Blueberry Crumble….To Share

It all started about 8 years ago with a seemingly unassuming jar of pesto. Not a ziploc bag of pesto. Or a tiny little 1/2 pint jar of pesto. But one of those generously sized Ball jars with the wire hook flip lid filled right up to the brim with homemade pesto and topped off […]

Berries, Baguettes and La Pomme Live

I don’t know about you but I have found that one of the beauties of summer is the lack of a schedule. No early morning alarms. No dinner on the table at exactly 6:30 pm every evening. No driving around town with clenched teeth trying to get small person #1 here and small person #2 […]

The Loveliest of Summer Days…Rain and All

Why Thursday was the loveliest of summer days….even without the sun…..1. Not a single alarm clock was set in this house.2. The “baby”…um, I mean the 5-year old…slept in until 8am.  I wanted to weep tears of joy.3. The middle child arose at 10:00 am. The eldest at 11:00 am.4. I found a use for […]