A "Chocolate Times 100" Cake and a Little Celebration

I found myself immediately transformed into a traffic cop as I held out both hands and practically threw myself into the “after-school pick-up” traffic to avoid having my 5-year-old hit by on-coming cars as he obliviously skipped across the street toward me. His eyes were shining. His “too-big” back-pack was jostling wildly up and down […]

A Modest Little Almond and Cherry Cake

There are days, afternoons, evenings when I simply want all of my chickens and the rooster home…but I want to be left alone.  No extraneous chicken friends. Just the 5 of us. Here in our coop. And I don’t want to play Candy Land. And I don’t want to have Family Movie Night. I don’t […]

A Provincial Sort of Apple Cake

I kept seeing it everywhere. This recipe for, “Dorie Greenspan’s Apple Cake.” Always referred to as a 4-word title. There it was in our local paper, tied to her book review on Amazon.com, traveling the virtual airways by Twitter, Facebook, Blogs. Hard bound and in print on page 432 of her new cookbook, Around My […]