Do You Know the Hidden Beauty of the Cherry?

A Sultry Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese and Arugula

I love the way the Internet tumbles us from one place to another. From idea to idea. Yes, that often adds up to a huge waste of time, but every once in awhile, it can lead us to something extraordinary. Something that inspires how we live our lives. Last winter, I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte’s […]

What’s In Season? Cherries

Well, it’s cherry season! While I’m absolutely in love with the Rainier cherry – those unique little yellow and red orbs – I’m starting to have a new crush on the super-sweet Bing Cherries coming out of Washington. Of course, right now as I’m typing this to you and need to know the exact name […]

A Heartfelt Thank You, A Giveaway and Some Chili-Rubbed Pork Chops

I pulled the car to a halt in front of the mailboxes. With half my body out the window, I hoisted the usual haul of catalogs, coupons and bills onto my lap. Methodically, I sifted through the stack on the very, off-chance that there would be something unexpected in the pile.Caught between a Pottery Barn […]

A Modest Little Almond and Cherry Cake

There are days, afternoons, evenings when I simply want all of my chickens and the rooster home…but I want to be left alone.  No extraneous chicken friends. Just the 5 of us. Here in our coop. And I don’t want to play Candy Land. And I don’t want to have Family Movie Night. I don’t […]

Pita Pizzas, Precarious Parenting and Pam

“But Mom…everyone is going to be there,” she says to you, not in an overly-emotional way but matter-of-factly,…slowly,…tinged with disappointment. (Almost echoing her younger brother’s cries from the week before, “But Mom…everyone has one.”) And you feel for her, you do. And channeling your 13-year-old-self, you know that you would want to be there too. […]

A River. A Tent. A Simple Satisfying Sandwich.

  The kids were geared up. They had on their road warrior hats and there wasn’t a single complaint to be found. No, “Are we almost there?” No, “I’m bored.” They knew our destination. Had been looking forward to it for a year. This annual pilgrimage to “The River.” The Eel River, to be exact. […]

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Pecans and Dried Cherries (aka My Own "Bottle Cap")

All right, so last Monday morning wasn’t exactly my proudest parenting moment. But you can’t really blame me. No. It’s not my fault how I was raised. You see, when I was young and my siblings and I would scrape a knee, cut a finger, crack our heads open or break an arm, my father […]