Wishing You Moments of Captured Time for the New Year

Since writing my last post, I’ve been pondering the evolution of holiday traditions. How they started. Why we continue some and not others. New traditions that spring up and are adopted…Shelf Elf…or not. I choose “not.” What occurred to me is that many of our traditions started out of scarcity. Feasts were thrown around holidays […]

I Was Caught. My “Simplify the Holidays” Secret is Out.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I’m standing in the check out line of one of my favorite grocery stores thinking, “I sure hope no one sees me here.” I’m about halfway finished unloading my cart and mid-way through a turn from the cart back to the conveyor belt, when I catch the eye of this darling […]

A Little Tree Trimming, Hall Decking and Gift Wrapping from My House to Yours….

Hanging the lights

 “Haul out the holly; Put up the tree before my spirit falls again, Fill up the stocking….” We Need A Little Christmas   Hope the midst of the Holiday Season finds you well. I managed to deck the halls before we hit mid-month with all of my sparkly, silvery baubles. And, I actually mailed packages […]