Ham and White Bean Soup to Stop the Ticker-Tape of My Mind

White Bean and Ham Soup x1

Every night I go to bed hoping it won’t happen. I pull close the blackout shades. Cut the Rooster off of SportsCenter. Do some stretching. Some deep breathing. Slap on my eye mask. Occasionally, put in some ear plugs. All hoping it will help. Every dang morning (if you can call it morning), I am […]

Sometimes All You Need is ‘Jambon et Fromage’

Yes, I heard what the weatherman…uh…weatherperson said. That we have sun on the way but I can hardly believe it. All I am seeing are those gray, oppressive clouds that render me sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I know what I said back here about winter being peaceful and restorative but I think I must have been […]