Lentil and Fire-Roasted Tomato Soup for the Soul

I remember the moment distinctly. When she noticed. When she asked me about it. Back in the days when I would drive my 5-year-old daughter 30 minutes to attend a 30-minute “ballet” class and then, 30 minutes back home, all with her younger brother in tow. Back when I didn’t make things very easy on […]

Day 1 & Day 2

Here we sit at the beginning of a new decade, a new year, a new start and while I’m not one for resolutions (just one more thing to manage in a long list of To Do’s)…I was intrigued to take on Project 365 by Miss Hannah of honey & jam. And, may I say that […]

Portland Food Carts: Savor Soup House

Once every six weeks or so, I enter “La Salon” and I emerge…drum roll, please…The Breck Shampoo girl. Silky, smooth, flip through the air hair. Fan anyone? All the days in between, I prefer the air-dry method for my crazy, curly hair that can only be tamed with a hair band – in other …

Lentil Soup for a Blustery Day

Despite its self-proclaimed “Day of Rest”, I was exhausted from the weekend. The morning was dark until way past 8am. I was sleepy. I knew that exercising would help clear my mind but I was too tired to exercise. I stared out the window as the torrential rain rammed against the side of our house. […]