Sometimes Mothers are So Misunderstood

As an elementary school girl, I had a fetish for the paper fortune teller game. Remember the one that was folded like origami and involved numbers, favorite colors, and ended with predictions on which boy you would marry? Or, what you would be when you grew up? Or, horrors, how you would die? I can […]

A New Year, A New Word…Never Mind that it’s Mid-February

  Photographing Truffle Country Yes, I’ve been quiet for awhile. How to explain it? Every year around October 15th, I feel as though someone tosses me in the washer on the spin cycle and leaves me there, spinning faster and faster, until about January 5th. Abruptly, the washer stops, the door opens, and I’m tossed […]

Don’t Know Much but I Do Know that Mushrooms and Asparagus Together are Delightful

  For a few years now, I have been attending various food blogging conferences. I usually return home brimming with inspiration and loaded down with lots of free Scharffen Berger chocolate. A week or so ago, I attended my third BlogHerFood conference up in Seattle. There wasn’t any free chocolate (Scharffen Berger wasn’t a sponsor […]

Simple, Yet Elegant, Stuffed Mushrooms

My back was on fire. My fingers were like dough. My hiney felt as though I’d been sitting on a cement curb for 6 hours waiting for the start of some parade. And, I could no longer deny that I do indeed need some form of optical assistance. What I could have whipped out with […]

Braised Pacific Halibut with Mushrooms and Leeks

While my dear, sweet husband would prefer to remain anonymous on these here pages of “La Pomme” or at least, keep to the role of an extra…an extra, as in, one of the 70,000 in the stands of the filming of a great sports film…I do feel that there is something you should know about […]