A Humble Yet Decadent Homemade Granola

The older kids are off to school and the house holds just the 4-year old and myself. I look at my To-Do list…at least 143 items long. Where do I even begin? I hadn’t taken the time on Monday to organize the list into more manageable bits and now here it is mid-week…”sigh.” My mind […]

Cookin’ Up Some Aussie Bites

The day had started out with fog and heavy, dark clouds and continued on that way until late in the afternoon which is why I was surprised when a bright beam of sunlight burst through our living room windows. While I’m always thrilled to see the sun, any sun, at this time of year…this particular […]

Skippin’ Down the Trail Oatmeal Cookies

Remember when you could run with wild abandon down the trail and your only concern was whether or not you might slip on the gravel under foot? Although, perhaps that hadn’t even entered your mind but was simply the worry of the mother watching from behind. The mother torn between the image of you there, […]