A River. A Tent. A Simple Satisfying Sandwich.

  The kids were geared up. They had on their road warrior hats and there wasn’t a single complaint to be found. No, “Are we almost there?” No, “I’m bored.” They knew our destination. Had been looking forward to it for a year. This annual pilgrimage to “The River.” The Eel River, to be exact. […]

Sometimes All You Need is ‘Jambon et Fromage’

Yes, I heard what the weatherman…uh…weatherperson said. That we have sun on the way but I can hardly believe it. All I am seeing are those gray, oppressive clouds that render me sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I know what I said back here about winter being peaceful and restorative but I think I must have been […]

Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

Clearly, the baby has not yet grasped the concept of “sleeping-in.” In my semi-conscious state, my mind barely registers that he is speaking to me. “Mom?” Pause. A little louder, “Mom? What animal sleeps during the day?” As I try to break through the fog that has not yet lifted from my mind in this […]