Lessons on Laser Focus from Thai Chicken and Rice

Thai Chicken with Coconut Rice

I remember typing up my first professional resume at the wise old age of 22. Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story with his Red Rider BB gun essay, I knew that my business catch phrases and the listing of my shiny new college degree would wow any prospective employer. And nothing made my heart sing […]

What Can You Do to Feel Lighter?

Peaches, Basil and Baby Greens

Sometimes because of my father’s military orders, and other times, just for kicks, my parents moved us at least every three years. The benefit of this peculiar habit was that we had no clutter, no closets full of unused “stuff’, and no junk piles since we sorted and purged every 1-3 years The first 10 […]

Do You Know the Hidden Beauty of the Cherry?

A Sultry Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese and Arugula

I love the way the Internet tumbles us from one place to another. From idea to idea. Yes, that often adds up to a huge waste of time, but every once in awhile, it can lead us to something extraordinary. Something that inspires how we live our lives. Last winter, I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte’s […]

Sometimes Mothers are So Misunderstood

As an elementary school girl, I had a fetish for the paper fortune teller game. Remember the one that was folded like origami and involved numbers, favorite colors, and ended with predictions on which boy you would marry? Or, what you would be when you grew up? Or, horrors, how you would die? I can […]

Don’t Know Much but I Do Know that Mushrooms and Asparagus Together are Delightful

  For a few years now, I have been attending various food blogging conferences. I usually return home brimming with inspiration and loaded down with lots of free Scharffen Berger chocolate. A week or so ago, I attended my third BlogHerFood conference up in Seattle. There wasn’t any free chocolate (Scharffen Berger wasn’t a sponsor […]

A Few Thoughts on Food Followed by Chicken Sausages with Tomatoes and Shallots

Sausages with tomatoes and shallots

I suppose the acronym FLOSS can be used to describe my thoughts on food. I suppose I could also be labeled as energetic and sleep-deprived, frazzled and bossy, presbyopic and middle-aged, but why…why must we label everything? I can’t think of a greater need as a human being than to eat. Okay, well, maybe drink. […]

Letting Go with Counter-Top Salads for Dinner

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please read my message after the story especially my gracious email subscribers. She was three years old when she performed in her first dance recital. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Bunny Hop. Her little feet could be heard “tap, tap, tapping” away as she practiced for her big debut. Considering that when […]

What’s In Season? Copper River Salmon

Well, friends, it’s Salmon Season and more specifically it’s Copper River Salmon season. I’ve been in conversations where the “hype” surrounding the Copper River Salmon has been debated. Is it just a marketing ploy? Is it worth the cost?I am not a salmon expert although I grew up eating salmon the way other people grew […]

Simple Salmon: A Northwest Staple

I have often considered January as my month of reprieve. The month to look inward. To self-reflect. The month where time slows down. A bit. This doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. January is just as high-paced as any other month and it feeds right into February which is missing a few days […]

A Refreshing Grapefruit and Greens Salad…25 Years in the Making

Just as I was putting on my coat and preparing to leave my dear friend’s annual cookie party, her father says to me, “So, Carrie, would you like a case of grapefruit before you leave? I still have 15 cases in the garage. You know, we’ve been selling them all these years. They even gave […]

Straddling the Seasons with Pork Chop Salad

“Ahhh….June 21st. First Day of Summer.” I hopped out of bed and ran to the window just hoping the weatherman (no, not a “weatherperson” because I do in fact get my weather report from a man) was wrong. Pulling the curtains aside I was met with gray. All shades of gray and clouds. Low clouds. […]

Une Petite Pomme: Potatoes and Green Beans for Primetime

This post goes out to all of you kind, generous souls humoring me by requesting prior knowledge of my next AM Northwest Primetime appearance. Well, I’m here to tell you that I will be on tomorrow, May 26, at their 7:00 pm time slot on: Channel 2.2, if you don’t have cable, or Comcast Channel […]

Spring Cleaning Scramble

The flurry of activity from the weekend is over. Everyone is back to his corner of the city for the weekly routine. I absentmindedly reach over to pick up a pair of scissors jutting out from under the couch. I walk over to the set of drawers with the fading labels and pull on the […]

A Simple Salad & The Sound of Silence

  The boxes have been put away. The vacuum has been run. The cheery red of the holidays has been replaced with winter whites. Linen. The poinsettias with bare branches. (Well, actually I didn’t have any poinsettias but I like the way that sounds. Don’t you?) The children are back at school and the only […]

All Is Safe and Sound Chicken

The warm smells from dinner still lingered in the house. Smells from perhaps a “fall off the bone” tender beef stew, maybe chicken and dumplings or my mother’s delicious chicken and wild rice soup with her homemade dill bread. The dishwasher was humming. The voices from the TV were soft. Distant. I made my way […]

String Beans and Caramelized Shallots

How do you know when you should be your child’s advocate? Or when their hurt is simply nothing more than a lesson from life? Do you have that conversation with that teacher? That parent? That coach? Or do you simply stand back and let life take its course. Life’s not fair. We don’t always …