A New Year, A New Word…Never Mind that it’s Mid-February

  Photographing Truffle Country Yes, I’ve been quiet for awhile. How to explain it? Every year around October 15th, I feel as though someone tosses me in the washer on the spin cycle and leaves me there, spinning faster and faster, until about January 5th. Abruptly, the washer stops, the door opens, and I’m tossed […]

A Pear in a Harry and David Tree….Just for You

A Pear in a Harry and David Tree

I think it was his description of the frost air settling at the bottom of the pear orchard that was the final hook for me. How, when this happens, they steal silently from their homes in the pre-dawn hours to coddle the trees. They start up the modern day windmills to diffuse the cold air […]

A Quick Jaunt through Boston, Connecticut, and NYC

Quick Note: Portlanders, I’m taking the Knife Skills class at Williams Sonoma on NW 23rd, Tuesday, July 24,  from 6-8p. Would love some pals to join me. More info at bottom of post.   Our family spent a few weeks on the East Coast in late June early July. Instead of me writing about our […]

Une Petite Pomme: Ninth Street Espresso

I recently read an article in the New York Times regarding the availability of exquisite coffee in the city of her namesake. The article went on to say that New York City has lagged behind for years in the quality of coffee one can find within her city walls. Lagged behind places like Stumptown Coffee […]